About Wally Albright's Drag Boat called:

"Duel in the Sun" was a dragboat raced in the 70's and 80's by the late Wally Albright.  Wally is probably best known for his role as a child actor in The Little Rascals although he has many other movie credits to his name.  I purchased the hull, less engine in the summer of 2000.  The boat has undergone a restoration, and has Chevy power.  It is renamed "A Little Rascal'S EX" and has recently competed in the Nitro Nationals 2004 in Red Bluff CA.  (Some pics

It made four passes:

First pass: 10.488 @ 105.64 MPH    License pass
Second:     10.240 @ 105.88 MPH    Qualifying pass 
Third:      10.288 @ 108.32 MPH    WIN: first elimination round
Fourth:      9.788 @ 112.66 MPH    broke out of bracket: semi-final round

ENGINE: 541 Merlin/Chev block and heads, Callies crank, Eagle rods, J&E pistons, Hilborn FI (2 7/16"), 12" tubes, methanol fuel, MSD 7530 ignition, MSD dist & crank trigger, Isky cam and lifters, Harlon/Sharpe rockers, Moroso stud girdle, Moroso dry sump pan, tank, and pump.  NOS Pro-Race port nitrous injection system. Naturally aspirated, no blower.  Approximately 1100 HP without nitrous.  Nitrous can add up to approximately 475 additional HP.

Boat as received.

Some detail close-ups

The new paint job





Broken pump (Sunk it the first time out, July, 2003)

98.4 MPH PASS (large file, 24M)

E m a i l: Rick Kunze "rkunze-at-colusanet-dot-com"