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The Colusa County Air Pollution Control District is the agency responsible for ensuring healthful air quality in Colusa County.  You can help us achieve our clean air goals by reporting observations of excessive dust, odors, smoke, or other air contaminants.  This web page describes how the District evaluates, responds to, and resolves air quality complaints. 


What is an air quality complaint?
An air quality complaint is an individual's formal complaint about a nuisance or annoyance concerning emissions of air contaminants or other materials, including smoke, dust, or odors.


How do I report an air quality complaint?
When an air quality problem is observed at a stationary source (business or manufacturing operation), call (530) 458-0590 or e-mail a completed 
Complaint Form You will need to provide the following information:


bulletThe time and date the air quality incident occurred and whether it is still continuing.
bulletThe nature of the air quality complaint (smoke, dust, odor, or other).

The name, location, and type of the source.


Complaint information is forwarded to a District inspector, as soon as possible, for follow-up and resolution.  However, complaints received after normal business hours or during the non-work days are usually dispatched to an inspector the next business day.

Do I have to identify myself when I  report an air quality complaint?
The District always encourages people reporting air quality problems to provide their name, address, and telephone number.  This information helps District inspectors verify complaint information, including any prior history of air quality problems involving the alleged source, and also allows them to inform complainants of the status of complaint investigation activities.  Complainants information is confidential. 


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